January 22, 2016

It has been a while since my last entry. So much has happened in just a short span of a year since the launch of this vision and brand called Hill City Native. I have gotten back into the groove of things musically and I am also a newly, engaged man. Good things come to those who wait and also seek. I know I've been very quiet since the release of my free EP. My album has been delayed due to many reasons, but I am in a better space right now than I was last year. 

Last year, I did a lot of running around, studio hopping, spending more than I was getting back, and dealing with disappointment. I was in a place of frustration and anxiousness. I really learned to shrug some things off of myself in 2015, whether it was failure or feeling tolerated. One thing I had to learn last year was to keep moving even when life hits you. People change, their perception of you may change, but God doesn't. I had to remind myself of that and it has put me in a place of feeling free again. 

Musically and business-wise, I'm ready for the new year and I am ready to have fun. I have so many ideas I already have laid out like clothes on the first day of school. I have a strategy in the works for this year and I thank God for placing creativity inside this heart of mine.  


photo 1.JPG
March 24, 2015

It feels good to be back. Prepack is now available for download and my brain can finally rest. Keeping things under wraps is painful for an artist, you have no idea. For those who've been wondering what I've been doing since 2013, I've been working on my album a little over a year now and I can't wait to drop it. I wanted to do something different this time around and put the focus on where I'm from. By the way things look, Hill City Native is my most inspired-by project to date. I was inspired by my own personal wins and losses from 2013 to now and recognized how much it correlates with being from Lynchburg, VA. Not only was I inspired by my city, but I was also inspired by the people in my city and the personal issues they face as well.

Being a man with a Christian worldview who is compelled to reach the lost, sometimes I miss the mark. Sometimes, I'm so focused on reaching the world and thinking globally that I can forget I live in a city that is overlooked constantly. With this album, I just want to motivate, inspire, and inform people from my area about circumstances that we all deal with and see being from the city. I just wanted to take the time out to do my own personal take on my city to show people a different perspective and angle on what we all see. Being that my EP and album are both focused on where I'm from, I believe anyone from any city, state, or region will be able to identify with my music. Prepack is just a very, small sample of how the album will sound. If you enjoy(ed) the EP, you will love the album.